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04-16-2016, 22:38
نرم افزار کاربردیTransEdit scanner&editor به ورژن 3.9.6برای کارتهای dvbviewer

نرم افزار کاربردیTransEdit scanner&editor به ورژن 3.9.6برای کارتهای dvbviewer

Latest TransEdit

, 3.9.6


Click here to view the original image of 859x569px.

Scanner Changes:

- Fix: A NIT scan resp. the transponder list update function failed if the PAT (Program Allocation Table) does not specify a NIT PID (Network Information Table). Observed with the German cable provider "Kabel Deutschland". TransEdit did not use the default PID intended for this case.

- Fix: The transponder list update function didn't distinguish satellite transponders with the same frequency, but a different polarization.

- Fix: The "Scan TS File" function didn't work properly anymore due to changes in TransEdit 3.8.2.

- Enhanced: Conversion of DVB resp. ISO character sets (used for channel and broadcaster names) to the local Windows codepage, thus avoiding garbage names as far as possible.

TransEdit now converts the names to Unicode (as the Analyzer already did before) by using the appropriate Windows codepages for the DVB/ISO character sets. Then the names are converted to the local Windows codepage for non-unicode applications, since the Scanner /DVBViewer channel management does not handle Unicode yet. Possible results are:

- If the required characters are available in the Windows codepage for non-unicode applications, the names are displayed correctly.

- If characters are not available, replacement characters are used if possible (e.g. a for â). In this case the names are not displayed correctly, but remain readable.

- If no replacement character is available, the character is substituted by a question mark.

- If the required codepage (resp. *.nls file in Windows\System32) for translating the ISO/DVB character set used by the broadcaster is not installed, TransEdit falls back to displaying the name without any conversion according to the Windows codepage for non-unicode applications. This may yield correct results (in case of pure ASCII names) or garbage.

Analyzer Changes:

- Fix: Wrong conversion of the Big5 character set (traditional Chinese) to Unicode.

- Fix: The PID list did not assign service names to streams containing private sections.

- Fix: TransEdit ignored the "Hex" checkbox when updating entries in the SI treeview.

- Added: The "Select Main SI PIDs" function in the PID list context menu additionally selects the NIT (Network Information Table).

- Added: Parsing of ISO MPEG4 Audio Descriptor, DVB C2 Delivery System Descriptor, DVBVideo Depth Range Descriptor.

- Added: New DVB specifications concerning 3D broadcasts included (according to ETSI EN 300 468 V1.12.1).

Hardware Changes:

- Added: Support for band stacking (DishPro LNBs, US single cable distribution).

To enable band stacking support, enter LOF1 and LOF2 in the TransEdit Main Window as required, e.g. 11250 and 14350 MHz, and set LOFSW to 0 (22 kHz signal off) or 1 (22 kHz signal on). This will let TransEdit take care of the polarization-dependent local oscillator frequency.

Please note: Band stacking support is not implemented in DVBViewer yet (up to and including GE 3.1.2 and Pro 4.9.6). Scan results exported from TransEdit may or may not work, because DVBViewer will still use vertical polarization (14 V LNB voltage) for vertically polarized transponders on tuning, instead of horizontal polarization (18 V) troughout. Manual adjustments are probably required. Band stacking support will be added gradually in the next versions. Don't adjust the LOF settings in DVBViewer until full support is announced in the ChangeLog.

- Fix: Potential DiSEqC problems with new KNC cards.

- Added: DiSEqC 1.2 support for Compro devices (untested)

- Updated: Hardware database.

Other Changes:

- Updated: Transponder lists for Astra 19/23/28° East, Hotbird 13° East.