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07-25-2014, 20:59
FileZilla Client 3.9.0 released


:New features
Added Lao translation
Added an additional icon set
OS X: Holding modifier key while clicking Site Manager toolbar icon now shows the site dropdown menu

Bugfixes and minor changes:

MSW: Fix assertion when entering UNC paths
Fix button layout of editing dialogs
*nix, OS X: Small performance improvement recursing through local directories

08-09-2014, 05:02
بنام خدا

FileZilla Client released


:New features

Handle setting files redirected using symbolic links
:Bugfixes and minor changes

MSW: Updated installer to fix an issue with re-registring the shell extension after a reboot on 32bit system if a another program keeps the extension locked
Closing FileZilla during a recursive operation no longer hangs
OS X: Manually handle CMD+V and CMD+A for password fields as Cocoa cannot seem to do it by itself
OS X: Manually handle CMD+X, CMD+C, CMD+V and CMD+A in the path combo boxes
OS X: Creating new tabs selects the newly created tab again
Detect some types TLS error conditions earlier instead of waiting for a timeout
Small performance imprvement for TLS handshakes
Do not show error message if "Create and enter" is used with synchronized browsing enabled

09-09-2014, 20:48
2014-08-13 - FileZilla Client released

:Bugfixes and minor changes

Fix potential crash on connection failures
Fixed navigating through the different controls in FileZilla's main window using the Tab key
OS X: If FileZilla becomes the active program, the focus no longer jumps to the quickconnect bar
MSW: Improve compatibility with DFS network shares

09-09-2014, 21:23
FileZilla Final

Changes in

Fix auto-updater not being able to download updates

Changes in

MSW: Fixed crash if starting file rename in an unusual way
OS X: Fixed a bug im wxWidgets so that a right-click after a left-click no longer counts as double-click
OS X: Fixed pasting of passwords into the "Enter password" dialog
OS X: Fixed context menu site manager tree not working
*nix, OS X: Fixed context menu of search dialog not working
Fixed loading of resources if FileZilla is installed in a directory containing the # character
Fixed support for SOCKS4 proxies
Attempt reading settings from temporary backup files if loading of settings files fails

10-23-2014, 05:26
FileZilla Client

Changes in
! Disabled support for legacy SSL 3.0 to address the POODLE vulnerability in SSLv3. (CVE-2014-3566)
Fixed generic proxy support in IPv6 environments
Small improvements of control sizes on high-dpi displays
OS X: Fix Drag&Drop while holding down the Ctrl key (or equivalent)
Fix potential crash dragging files over an empty list