توجه ! این یک نسخه آرشیو شده میباشد و در این حالت شما عکسی را مشاهده نمیکنید برای مشاهده کامل متن و عکسها بر روی لینک مقابل کلیک کنید : VTI Image for Vu+Solo

02-01-2011, 14:15

ایمیجهای VTI Image for Vu+Solo در این تاپیک قرار میگیرد

02-01-2011, 14:16
New VTi "Vu+ Team Image" - V 2.1 02.10.2010 OE 1.6

Enigma 29.09.2010
Treiber 27.09.2010
Plugins 29.09.2010
Skins 29.09.2010

Changes in the image:
VTi Bootlogos and new Radiomode Logo.
Multiple fixes at Imagesources and diffs, link from /usr/keys to /var/keys created and different litlle things in the image.

Vu+ Solo

Turn off LNB power at standby
Fix video event problem
Fix VFD display problem
Fix long press key problem
Adjust remote control response time a bit more
Virtual Tuner Problem Fix
Support Fancontorl interface at standby.(duo)
Support pcm sound(needs additional kernel modules)
in dolby digital downmix mode.
Clean up playback driver and fix misc. bugs.
Fix some diseqec switch problem.
Fix front rotary switch problem.(duo)
Separate gcc 4.4.3 version and 4.1.1 version
Make screen blank when zapping
Enhance tuning algorithm
Support more mkv file formats.
Fix occasional "no audio" problem in playback
Fix "late audio play" problem in playback
Support EOS detection in playback driver
Fix mp3 playback problem
Support FF trick mode in playback
Adjust memory allocation(Solo, needs a kernel update)
Support DTS Passthrough(Solo)
Fix vtuner frontend info
Fix tuning problem.(Solo)

From VTi Team

VTi Panel (Blue Button)

supported languages are Englisch, German, Dutch
short press on blue button opens VTi Panel, longer press opens Pluginmenu
Enhanced SATA-HDD recognition
Some Enigma2 fixes
Cronjobs full supported
No error massages while changeing the password
Pure audio disc playback - (USB CD Drive)
Kernel and system enhancements
OE1.6 QT-Webbrowser support
Many enhancements in network and networkbrowserplugin
Support for Windows 7 Samba (CIFS-Server)
Support for Vu+ Solo and Duo Imagebackup (USB/NFI-Restore) OE1.6 Fix
New Enigma2 Crashlogremover
Swapfile at /media/usb
IPK-Installer search at /media/usb/* too
Softwaremanager plugin is now build-in into the image
Rytec EPG plugin is now build-in into the image
Some WLAN fixes
Support for FTDI chipset cardreader like smargo and easymouse2
Greenscreen fix when no softcam is installed and any color key will be pressed
New Skin Infobar/Renderfile
Running Softcam shown in the Infobar
Better support for MyTube, MetacafeDirect and other

http://www.sat2sat01.co.cc/images/statusicon/wol_error.gifاین تصویر کوچک نمایی شده است. برای دیدن تصویر با سایز اصلی اینجا کلیک نمایید. سایز واقعی تصویر 450x800 می باشد.http://www.vuplus-support.com/VTIPP.png







.>Download USB Version<. (http://www.*************.tk/redirect-to/?redirect=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.sat-universe.com%2Fredirector.php%3Furl%3Dhttp%253A%25 2F%252Fwww.4shared.com%252Ffile%252FpyxmE04b%252Fv ti-solo-image-v21-02102010_US.html)

.>Download Flash Version (http://www.*************.tk/redirect-to/?redirect=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.sat-universe.com%2Fredirector.php%3Furl%3Dhttp%253A%25 2F%252Fwww.4shared.com%252Ffile%252FVQo15bJy%252Fv ti-solo-image-v21-02102010nfi.html)


msadati69 II
02-13-2014, 14:41
VTI image-V+usolo-6-0-5-ramiMAHER

http://www.vuplus-support.org/faq/release_img_vti_60/VTIPP.png (http://www.vuplus-support.org/faq/release_img_vti_60/VTIPP.png)

Update: 2013-12-24

- increase image version --> VTi 6.0.5
- update drivers (2013-12-24)

Support new HbbTV release
fix misc bugs

- update opera-hbbtv (ver. 2013-12-24)

misc. speedups
support YouTube TV

- update dvbapp2 (ver. 2013-12-24)

support EPG views during movie playback
EPGBar = OK button long, Service EPG = EPG button long
support PiP in EPGBar screen during movie playback (ts files) including zapping and timer programming
turn on/off EPGBar PiP with Play button (turn off not for Duo and Uno/Ultimo HD PiP)
picon renderer takes care of picon size given in skin(picon folder should be picon_WIDTHxHEIGHT)
update pl translation by @kapciu75
fix minor bugs

- update plugin AIHDController pichmod (ver. 2.9)
- update plugin EasyInfo (ver. 2013-12-24)

adjust for VTi dvbapp2 functions

- update plugin GraphMultiEPG (ver. 2013-12-24)

increase font size
add skip +/- 1 day function (<> buttons)

- update plugin OpenWebInterface (ver. 0.2.6 2013-12-23)

add link to LCD4Linux webinterface

- update plugin PicturCenterFS (ver. 3.76)
- update plugin WebRadioFS (ver. 11.39)
- update picons pph & LicherPils (19.2)
- add picons 50x30 pph (19.2)
- update skin Nemesis Glassline (ver. 6.0)
- add skin BlackBlueSkyHD (ver. 1.0)
- add skin BlackRedSkyHD (ver. 1.0)
- add skin Dark-BeautyHD (ver. 1.0)

VTI image-V+usolo-6-0-5-ramiMAHER (http://www.mediafire.com/download/s4fzdef8rx1bdwg/vuplus-image-vusolo-_vti_6-0-5-ramiMAHER-usb.rar)