توجه ! این یک نسخه آرشیو شده میباشد و در این حالت شما عکسی را مشاهده نمیکنید برای مشاهده کامل متن و عکسها بر روی لینک مقابل کلیک کنید : جدیدترین ایمیج های تیم Newnigma2 برای DM800se

10-10-2013, 20:00
Newnigma2 team proudly


Enigma2 4.0: 01.10.2013
Enigma2 Plugins: 06.10.2013
Newnigma2 Plugins: 06.10.2013

DM 800 HD se

driver: 01.10.2013
secondstage: 84
kernel 3.2.51

DM 800 HD se v2

driver: 01.10.2013
secondstage: 88
kernel 3.2.51

Changes by DMM:

migrated to Linux Kernel 3.2.49
- better support for USB devices
support for more filesystems
- support for HDDs bigger than 2TB
added fully integrated Web browser and HBBTV support
added support to burn and play "blu discs"
added fully integrated teletext with background caching
improved iptv streaming support (e.g. added support for streaming services
in bouquets)
added basic HDMI CEC support
some EPG improvements
- added new option to keep and collect outdated
events (disabled by default) to show outdated events of a service you can press
"long" info or press menu in single epg-list of a service
- added new option
to set the epgcache timespan
- re-added support for external epg data sources
improved DVB/Teletext subtitle support
several improvements for prettier user interfaces (e.g. Channel list with
more adjustment options)
don't jump past end of file when doing relative jumps in recordings
serious improvement in picture player speed
improved overall stability / speed
improved media playback support (e.g. added WMA/WMV support)
improved storage/device manager
added Brazilian Portuguese and Hebrew translations
added UPNP Media Renderer demo plugin
added DLNA Media Server
added automatic power saving sleep timer (EU regulation)
added some new community plugins
update default services for 19.2E, 13.0E, 28.2E

changelog E2 15.08.2013:

fixed CEC poweroff message on enigma2 shutdown (deep standby)
- dont send
CEC poweron message on automatic timer wakeup
- enigma2 will now boot into
idle mode on automatic recordtimer wakeups
added virtual subservices for some HD services
fixed background and selection pixmap rendering in config lists
fixed possible crash on subtitle delivery when 3rd party skins don't define
some mandatory values
added "HasSubtitles" converter option to ServiceInfo skin converter

changelog E2 31.08.2013:

added "HasSubtitles" converter option to ServiceInfo skin converter
don't zap to last service after booting into idle mode (automatich timer
DVDBurn: fixed Bludisc and DVD audio track language selection
changes for easier timer wakeup detection in plugins
HdmiCec: dont send poweron command when a idle mode request is pending or
idle mode is active
added missing check to detect if the last automatic wakeup was a record
timer wakeup
let subservice numbers start from 1 .. because 0 is used to zap between
previous two services
fixed abortion/ending of service scan
fixed zap to last subservice in list via button
UPnPMediaRenderer: fixed log spam
UPnPMediaRenderer: some picture display improvements (fixed TV-Picture
showing between two pictures)
fixed possible crash when skipping forwards/backwards with DVB subtitles
changes for cleaner shutdown
fixed deadlock on jump forward/backward in MKV files
added a ServiceInfo converter workaround for types based on

changelog E2

virtual subservices bugfix for cable
added legacy virtual subservices mode which can be enabled in usage config
in normal case not needed (just for some broken cable providers.. but try first
the normal mode)
added possibility to receive epg data via ts streaming (not used by our soft

changelog E2 07.09.2013:

fixed crashes on e2 shutdown
fixed crash on end of servicescan
added a more easy way to detect recording timer wakeups
speedup devicemanager
fixed incorrectly set harddisc idle time on hdds detected by hotplug
some stability improvements

changelog E2

added ac3+ support (requires hw drivers with ac3+ support not
improved storing config files on write-back enabled filesystems (ubifs,
ext2, ext3 ....)
fixed some upnp issues (special char/umlaut issues, servers not showing up,
minor fixes)
fixed subtitle synchronization (was broken on skip fwd/bwd since mkv
deadlock fix)
fixed BlinkingLabel (thanks to Kashmir)
fixed crash on timer-based deepstandby wakeup
fixed shutdown on radio services with RASS
fixed software update on dm500hd / dm800se with external update tool
get automatic updates again, an update via telnet/ssh shell is required once)

changelog E2 01.10.2013:

extend pid cache for audio types other than AC3 and MPEG
(required to
store last selected ac3+ or aac audio tracks)
dont send CEC poweroff on idle to standby transition again
dont send CEC poweron on idle to standby transition
dont restart previous service on idle to standby transition
fixed rare crashes on e2 shutdown
call flush and fsync when storing parental control white/blacklist

Notice: Update from v4.0.x to 4.0.5


Added: Skin Evolution-HD by Kerni (thx)
Added: newnigma2.Kerni.PanTV-HD by Kerni (thx)
Added: Kerni.Gnome-HD by Kerni (thx)
Added: VideoDB V2.2 by Dr.Best (click here for more information)
IMPORTANT: read here for your collections
Added: mediaportal
Added: swapmanager
Added: wget
Bugfix: fixed old memleak bug
Bugfix: newnigma2-HD some screens, icons and menu fixes
Bugfix: neutrino keymap
Update: znc to version 1.0
Update: openvpn to version 2.3.2
Update: german translation
Update: mediaportal to version 4.8.1
Removed: we have removed non working plugins. most of them are integrated in
here u can find USB to UART driver
here u can find DreamUP V1.3.3.11

Info: since release
of e2 v. 3.2 there is no dm7025 support yet. that's what dmm
Multiboot: No support for multiboot. Not planned. No need for
such a tool.
GP3wizard: No support for gp3wizard. Probably not
running. Not needed in Newnigma2 environment.


1. Install picons on USB-Drives:

press menu button
-> setup -> system -> storage devices -> then press red button for
initialize (be carefully all your data will be erased). last step is to mount
the device.
next step: press blue button -> newnigma2 services -> sytsem tools -> expert settings -> change opkg ignore USB/HDD from yes to no. Restart enigma2 und install picons on your usb device.

2. network

If the IP address assigned manually, as well as the
address of the DNS server must be entered.
press menu button -> setup
-> system -> network -> adapter settings


1. Picons auf USB-Laufwerken/der internen Festplatte

USB-Laufwerk über "Menü > Einstellungen > System >
Speichergeräte" initialisieren und anschließend mounten"
"blaue Taste >
Newnigma Services > System Werkzeuge > Experten Einstellungen > Opkg
ignoriere USB/HDD = nein > E2 Neustart und anschließend auf USB

2. Netzwerk Konfiguration:

"Menü > Einstellungen
> System > Netzwerk > LAN oder WLAN > Adapter Einstellungen"
die IP-Adresse manuell konfiguriert so muss zwingend auch die Adresse des
DNS-Servers eingetragen werden.

Newnigma2 Team


http://pic.newnigma2.to/FAQ/DM800HDse.png (http://board.newnigma2.to/wbb3/index.php?page=DownloadDBFileDownload&dataID=124)

01-14-2014, 02:12


newnigma2-unstable-dm800sev2-11_01_2014.nfi (http://feed.newnigma2.to/unstable/images/newnigma2-unstable-dm800sev2-11_01_2014.nfi)