توجه ! این یک نسخه آرشیو شده میباشد و در این حالت شما عکسی را مشاهده نمیکنید برای مشاهده کامل متن و عکسها بر روی لینک مقابل کلیک کنید : VU+Solo Persian Empire Enigma2 Images RC3 + Persian Grandeur Android 4 App

12-19-2012, 10:16
VU+Solo Persian Empire Enigma2 Images RC3 + Persian Grandeur Android 4 App Persian Professionals Team In Cooperation With DreamOEM Team Proudly Presents

Project Name : Persian HD Project (PHDP)

Image Name : Persian Empire

Panel : Persian Palace - New Generation (RC3)

OE : [1.6 PE Mode - Python 2.6] & [3.0 PE Mode - Python 2.7]

Kernel : 4rd Generation PE Mode - Pure

Enigma2 : 15 December 2012 (PLi) Patched

Release Type : RC3 (Release Candidate)

Release Date : 18 December 2012

Publisher : Persian Professionals Team

Team Leader : Persian Prince

Core Members : Naser (Eminem) - Mohammad Ali (mammadalius)
================================================== ================================================== =======

Button Mappings

- Long Press Red : NaviBarPE
- Long Press Green : Persian Palace
- Long Press Yellow : PEPanel
- Long Press Blue : Pure Prestige

================================================== ================================================== =======


OE/Image 1.6/3.0 PE :

old device/swap manager removed (r101)
technomate boot problems fixed (r101)
kernel 3.1.1 for technomate (r101)
now we have our own Open WebIF (r101)
adel sat default settings removed , so no default settings (r101)
first Persian Grandeur changes (r102)
new commands [comm-length-sha1sum-sha256sum-sha512sum-stat-su-
freeramdisk-eject-arping-dnsd-ipcalc-pscan-nmeter-pgrep-pkill-install-ed] (r103)
new switches for ip [route-rule-tunnel-link-address] (r103)
Open WebIF PE is now wide screen 16:9 (r103)
new spinner (r103)
second Persian Grandeur changes (r103)
PE now supports >2TB hdd (r104)
new blind scan for azbox (r104)
kernel 3.5.5 for azbox (r104)
libpng updated to 1.5.13 for oe 1.6 (r105)
aio-grab fixed for azbox (r106)
remote control fixed for some models (r106)
Open WebIF PE updated with new graphics/models (r106)
new technomate changes (r106)
Pure Prestige panel by mfaraj57 added , long press blue button (r106)
FHD3 skin by Eminem added (r106)
PEPanel added , so many useful tools , long press yellow button (r106)
CCcam Info added to lite version also (r106)
Cache Flush every 10 minutes (r106)\
DVD Burn functions removed from full version (r106)
HbbTV and Opera Web Browser added to full version for test (r106)
vuplus duo2/solo2 with kernel 3.3.6 added to our models (r106)
dm7020hd-v2 added to our models (r106)
new secondstage 87 for dm7020hd , both versions (r106)
Satellite XML Editor plugin removed (r106)
CCcam Organizer/File Manager and CCcam.prio Maker removed , integrated to emu package (r106)
better gigablue VFD support , thanks to scp (r106)
NaviBarPE 0.9.1 added , long press red button (r106)
new NaviBarPE graphics by ramiMAHER added (r106)
Bouquets Protection added to full version (r106)
now supports 27 new 3G modems , only full version (r106)
now supports Dial Up modem for dm800/500hd/800se/7020hd (r106)
kernel 3.6.0 for xtrend (r107)
et4x00 added to our models (r107)
kernel 3.5.1 for maxdigital (r107)
xp1000 added to our models (r107)
Time Zones updated to version 2012j (r107)
NaviBarPE updated to version 0.9.1 (r107)
kernel 3.6.0 for unibox (r107)
kernel 3.6.0 for odin (r107)
dm8000 and dm7020hd remote control changed (r107)
vuultimo remote control changed (r107)
et6500 remote control added (r107)
technomate/ios remote control fixed (r107)
ventonhde/ventonhdx remote control fixed (r107)
new RcModel.py (r107)
revert back to kernel 3.3.1 for azbox (r107)
new Opera Web Browser/HbbTV (r107)
Open WebIF PE updated to version December 2012 (r106)
busybox updated to version 1.20.2 in oe 1.6 (r107)
new commands [lzma,dpkg,dpkg-deb,uncompress,unlzma,catv,cksum,expand,fold,print env,
split,sum,tac,resize,add-shell,acpid,mt,rx,mpstat,pmap,chpst] (r107)
fuse updated to version 2.9.2 in oe 1.6 (r107)
pptp updated to version 1.7.2 in oe 1.6 (r107)
less image size , more py sources removing (r107)
aio-grab sources switched to oe-alliance (r107)
softcam updater updated to version 3.1 (r107)
pure prestige online server updated (r107)
kernel 3.3.0 for ixuss one (r107)
ixuss one added to our models (r107)
hbbtv plugin sources switched to oe-alliance (r107)
sunray sr3/dm800 & sr4/dm800se now support triple tuner v2.0b by default (r107)
use busybox 1.18.5 for old kernels like dreambox in oe 1.6 (r107)
kernel 2.6.18 for ebox 5000 (r107)
ebox 5000 added to our models (r107)
PE Speed Up plugin added (r107)
Opera Web Browser/HbbTV removed due to crashes (r107)
all drivers updated (r108)
new azbox changes (r108)
PEPanel updated (r108)
vuplus sources updated (r108)
new icons for NaviBarPE by ramiMAHER (r108)
less image size , more packages removing (r108)
crossepg fixed for oe 1.6 (r108)
crossepg sources switched to oe-alliance for oe 3.0 (r108)
Pure Prestige fixed for OE 3.0 (r108)
some fixes for Pure Prestige oe 1.6 (r108)
more OE sync (r108)
PE Speed Up updated to support more plugins (r108)
PE Weather added (r108)
PE Weather skin fixed by Naser/Eminem (r108)
Time Update plugin updated (r108)
4th PE kernels , 100% pure (r108)

Persian Palace :

now you can use OSCam as single cam (r101)
MgCamd-CCcam Ready Mode removed from single cams , use Multi Cams (r102)
Tuner added to Hardware Information (r102)
cccamd.list Creator added , just like CCcam.cfg Creator (r102)
some layout changes (r102)
font magnifier updated to version 0.6.1 (r104)
BISS Key Adder updated (r105)
now supports OSCam YMod V18T34/NewCS 1.71 (r105)
now you can use SBox/NewCS as single cam (r105)
CWShare.org removed from Keys Downloader (r105)
SoftCam.TV added to Keys Downloader (r105)
now BISS Key Adder can create constant.cw with MgCamd enabled (r106)
Audio/Video PID Changer added (r106)
now you can use Dongle/Twin Protocol (r106)
now supports SBox 0.0.5-2-E (r106)
Time Update 1.4 added (r106)
Morteza-DM , Khavari , Hamid7777 settings removed (r107)
new online server (r107)
Download Manager updated to version 3.1 (r107)
now supports python 2.7 and OE 3.0 (r108)
all emu ipk packages rebuilded (r108)
unrar binary updated to version 4.10 (r108)

Persian Grandeur :

chmod changer , biss key adder , url installer added (r105)
some crashes fixed (r105)
some layot fixes (r106)
"Copy" ability added (r106)
check for update added (r106)
audio/video pid changer added (r107)
you can use hostname instead of ip (r107)
PEDroid updated (r108)
so many changes/updates/fixes (r108)
synced with latest PE changes (r108)
now supports python 2.7 and OE 3.0 (r108)
hostname list updated (r108)

================================================== ================================================== =======

Image Name Info :


edition : full/lite
version : rc3 (for example)
revision : r108 (for example)
oe : 1.6/3.0
stb : brand/model/...
type : usb/webif/...

================================================== ================================================== =======

Do You Wanna Experience Fastest CCcam Speed In The World ?

- Install CCcam Emulator From Download Manager 3.1
- Put Your CCcam Files In /etc (CHMOD 755)
- Go To Persian Palace Plugin
- From Emulator Manager Section Choose Single Cams Then Select CCcam And Start/Enable It
- Enjoy

================================================== ================================================== =======

Android 4 :

You Can Use Persian Grandeur Android 4 App Without PEDroid
You Can't Use PEDroid Android 4 App Without Persian Grandeur
You Can't Use Persian Grandeur Android 4 App On Previous Versions Like RC2
You Can't Use Persian Grandeur Android 4 App On Other Images
You Can Use PEDroid Android 4 App On Other Images

================================================== ================================================== =======

Lite Version : Just A Demo

Full Version : Everything You Need


You Can Check MD5 With HashTab : http://www.implbits.com/HashTab.aspx (Windows - MAC) , Use md5sum In Linux

rc3.r108 for vuplus solo : My Files

rc3.r108 android 4 app : My Files

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