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03-08-2011, 01:34
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کارتی جدید به نام TwinhanDTV DVB-S2 CI از طرف شرکت VISIONPLUS تولید شده است که تکنولوژی جدید DVB-s2 را ساپورت می کند
http://www.twinhan.com/product_satellite_s2_CI.asp (http://www.twinhan.com/product_satellite_s2_CI.asp)
http://www.twinhan.com/Images/products/TwinhanDTV-Sat-CI_1041.jpgWatch & Record Satellite TV on PC

TwinhanDTV DVB-S2 CI is the first satellite TV card with designed-in common interface slot, which allows you to receive both free-to-air and scrambled channels. In possession of strong core competence in source integration, TwinhanDTV Sat-CI is compatible with most of CAMs currently on the market. (Detailed list, please see below.) Plus the powerful recording function, the TwinhanDTV DVB-S2 card will be your best choice for watching satellite TV.

http://www.twinhan.com/Images/icon_15.gifMain Feature • DVB-S/DVB-S2 supported
TwinhanDTV DVB-S2 CI bring you new generation of Satellite TV “DVB-S2”; User can
enjoy H.264/MPEG2 HDTV via DVB-S/DVB-S2.

• Watch digital satellite TV on your PC
http://www.twinhan.com/Images/icon_white.gifReceive both free-to-air and scrambled digital satellite TV and digital radio station on your PC.
http://www.twinhan.com/Images/icon_white.gifTwinhanDTV Sat-CI is a professional DTV receiver, which brings digital satellite, broadcasts (TV and
http://www.twinhan.com/Images/icon_white.gifradio) to your PC. With TwinhanDTV Sat-CI, you can experience the high definition & crystal clear video
http://www.twinhan.com/Images/icon_white.gifquality (HDTV) easily through your monitor.

• Listen to digital radio
http://www.twinhan.com/Images/icon_white.gifEnjoy the digital satellite radio stations in stereo & playback any time you like. The audio effect is near
http://www.twinhan.com/Images/icon_white.gifCD quality.

• High speed Internet via satellite
http://www.twinhan.com/Images/icon_white.gifTo use "Internet via satellite" service, you need to have an account from satellite Internet service
http://www.twinhan.com/Images/icon_white.gifprovider, plus an account with a local Internet Service Provider. First, you connect to the Internet via your
http://www.twinhan.com/Images/icon_white.giflocal Internet Service provider. Secondly, you log on to your Satellite Internet provider. If you are sending
http://www.twinhan.com/Images/icon_white.gifa request for a specified web page, the request goes via your local provider to the Satellite provider.
http://www.twinhan.com/Images/icon_white.gifThey will retrieve the Internet data and send this specified web page via Satellite back to your Computer.
http://www.twinhan.com/Images/icon_white.gifThe download speed depends on the satellite ISP provider.

• Pay TV Supported
http://www.twinhan.com/Images/icon_white.gifWatch FTA & pay channels on PCs
http://www.twinhan.com/Images/icon_white.gifYou need extra CAM and smart card for pay TV receiving

• Wake Up Scheduled Recording
http://www.twinhan.com/Images/icon_white.gifJust set your recording schedule in advance, the computer will execute the recoding job automatically
http://www.twinhan.com/Images/icon_white.gifeven your PC is in sleep mode!

http://www.twinhan.com/Images/icon_15.gifSpecification Tuner• Input terminal: F-type 75 Ohm
• Receiving Frequency: 950 ~ 2150 MHz Tuning Range
• Input Level: -65~25 dbmQPSK & FEC• Symbol Rate: 2~45 Msps
• FEC: 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 and AutoLNB & Switch control • LNB Supply Voltage: 13 or 18V
• DiSEqC: 1.2
• Support Data Burst & Tone Burst
• Antenna and LNB Control: 22KHz Tone
• Max. LNB Supply Current: 400MA with Short Circuit ProtectionPCI interface• Bus: PCI 2.2 Compliant
• Host Bus Burst Rate: 132MB/s
• Host Bus Width: 32 bitDe-multiplexing• Engine: Software
• Streams Capture: PES and TSA/V Format• Video Format: MPEG-II Main Profile& Main Level
• Audio Format: MPEG-II Audio Layer I & IIhttp://www.twinhan.com/Images/icon_15.gif

System Requirements • Microsoft® Windows® XP
• Microsoft® DirectX9.0C or later
• Microsoft® Windows® Media Player 9.0 or later
• P4 2G MHZ CPU or above
• 256MB RAM or above
• VGA card with at least 32MB memory
• Sound card or on board sound chip
• Digital Satellite Dish & LNB

http://www.twinhan.com/Images/icon_15.gifRetail package • TwinhanDTV DVB-S2 CIcard
• Infrared remote control with AAA batteries
• Infrared remote control receiver
• Quick Installation Guide
• Software CD (Multi-lingual application
http://www.twinhan.com/Images/icon_white.gifsoftware and User’s manual in PDF format