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04-02-2017, 23:59
SmartDVB RC3 is available!

v0.5.0.51 RC3
◾Initial PLP (DVB-T2) support added.
◾Some enhancements to the normal scanner for INI management.
◾Ability to add a new channel in the channel properties dialog.
◾Various fixes and improvements to channel tuning.
◾Remotes were not working for non TBS devices, should be better now.

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https://sat2hddd.site/ext/images/attach/zip.gif SmartDVB0.5.0.51_RC3.zip (https://sat2hddd.site/ext/attachment.php?attachmentid=165230&d=1491142455) (24.41 مگابایت, 0 نمايش)